Offer as of June 2013

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After a loooonnnggg weekend, Monday has almost arrived.

Tomorrow I will likely put two offers in.  Thus far, both client’s have bid on other properties that have not been accepted.  The bidding war climate in this market can be maddening- both for clients and real estate agents!  I want my clients so badly to get these two places tomorrow.

The first property is in East Bellevue.  It’s an adorable, 3 bedroom condo with a pool and fitness facility.  The actual condo itself has been immaculately maintained!

The second place is one of about 15 properties I have viewed with this couple over the past few months.  This property is a residential home built like a townhome in the Central District (Seattle).  It is almost 3,000 square feet and has the exact floor plan they have envisioned all along. This is their third offer on a property and I want them to get THIS ONE more than anything.  They say they can finally, “see over-selves living here” which is fantastic!

Please send your thoughts and prayers for me and my client’s tomorrow!


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