The honest truth about become a real estate agent


I said part of this blog would be talking about my journey as a new agent so here I go.

To be honest I am completely frustrated. I have been working extremely hard the past 3 months and have only managed to seal 2 rental deals.

I was actively working with a couple who is amazing. Unfortunately, after touring roughly 20 properties and putting in 3 offers, we come to find out the lender we were using made a huge mistake by miscalculating their pre-qualifying number.  Needless to say, this meant they are now not able to come close to affording the type of home they wanted and are no longer looking. That is about 60 hours of my time down the drain and my poor clients are devastated! I gave them my all and to have everything screwed up by a lender who mis-calculated their buying price not once but three times is enough to make me SCREAM!

For everyone out there selling their home that has a hard time understand why they would pay a real estate agent 3% commission, this is why.  We work extremely hard, often over 60-90 hours a week and can go months without ever receiving a paycheck. We function day in and day out “on call,” and should be re-named residential fireman with all the “fires” we put out daily.


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