Biking in Seattle – We are on Top

For purposes of this list, a multi-modal city is defined by its combination of mass transit, walkable urban places (WalkUP’s), and bike-friendliness.  The rankings below show the top-10 most bike-friendly cities ranked according to how their percentages of transit users and how walkable they are.  While both Tucson and Denver are bikable cities, neither are ranked in the top-10 for transit usage or walkability, making them decidedly less multi-modal urban environments, those which allow the greatest choice of ways to get around.  In another example, Portland ranks first in the U.S. among large cities for bike-friendliness, but its multi-modal ranking is only 5th place because only 11% of its residents commute by public transit.

Rank City Score* Population
1 San Francisco 81 837,000
2 Washington, D.C. 77 646,000
3 Boston 69 646,000
4 New York City 65 8,406,000
5 Portland 52 609,000
6 Philadelphia 46 1,553,000
7 Seattle 43 652,000
8 Chicago 37 2,719,000
9 Denver 32 649,000
10 Tucson 12 526,000

*Weighted scores based on bike (40/100) + walk (30/100) + transit users (30/100)


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