NEW I-405 Express Toll Lanes – Rates

Up to $10! That’s crazy!

What are dynamic toll rates?

The toll rate varies between 75 cents and $10 based on how many drivers choose to use express toll lanes. Rates increase as more drivers choose the lanes to manage lane volume and keep traffic moving at 45 miles an hour or faster. Tolls are lowered when traffic is lighter to encourage drivers to move from regular lanes to express lanes.

On the average day, peak period tolls are forecasted to vary between 75 cents to $4 per trip depending on time and distance traveled.

How much will I pay?

Example I-405 toll signYou will see up to three toll rates on a sign prior to entering the express toll lane. You pay the price you see upon entering the lane for your destination, even if you see a higher toll rate for your destination further down the road. If you are exiting the express toll lane anywhere up to or at the destination, you will pay the price for that destination.

How are toll rates set?

The Washington State Transportation Commission sets toll rate maximum and minimums for I-405 express toll lanes.

What’s the difference between express toll lanes and bridge tolls?

SR 520 and Tacoma Narrows bridge tolls go toward paying for bridge construction. I-405 express toll lanes help manage traffic on the corridor. They allow you to buy into express toll lanes when you need to get to your destination faster, which then frees up space in the regular lanes for other drivers.

Where will toll revenue go?

Revenue collected on I-405 will first be used to maintain and operate I-405 express toll lanes. Additional revenue will be used for future I-405/SR 167 corridor improvements.

Are express toll lanes fair to drivers of all incomes?

Today on I-405, everyone is stuck in traffic during peak periods. Express toll lanes are there when you need them. Research on existing express toll lanes in Washington and across the country shows that people of all income levels choose to pay a toll when they need a faster and more reliable trip.


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