Two-week SR 99 closure coming in 2016

Ugggg… This is not what Seattle commuters need….

WSDOT will close the Alaskan Way Viaduct for approximately two weeks to allow Bertha, the SR 99 tunneling machine, to tunnel beneath the structure. The contractor’s latest projections show that this closure will occur in March 2016, but the actual date will depend on the rate of Bertha’s progress.

WSDOT recognizes that closing a major highway will have regional traffic impacts. This is a necessary and planned step toward completing a project that will transform the city and region.

What should I do to get around during the closure?
Consider your travel options for getting to work. Consider working from home, using flex time to skip rush hour, taking public transit / vanpools / carpools,biking or walking part or all of your commute, or using the I-5 Express Lanes to save time. Ask your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) if you have questions about your commute options.

Why will the viaduct be closed for two weeks?
This temporary closure of the viaduct is precautionary. Removing vehicles from the structure will allow crews to better monitor the viaduct while Bertha mines underneath, and quickly address any movement that might occur. Additionally, WSDOT recognizes that advertising a planned closure ahead of time, instead of conducting an unexpected and last-minute closure, will give the traveling public time to plan their trips accordingly.

When will the closure take place?
Seattle Tunnel Partners’ latest projections show this closure will occur in March 2016, but the actual closure date will depend on the rate of Bertha’s progress.

What efforts are being made to keep traffic moving?
WSDOT is coordinating closely with the Seattle Department of Transportation, King County Metro, the Port of Seattle, Washington State Ferries, King County Water Taxi and Sound Transit. More information about steps WSDOT is taking – and things travelers can do to help – will be published in the coming weeks.

Check this page for more information in 2016 as Seattle Tunnel Partners provides WSDOT with new information concerning the progress of tunneling.


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